How To Cut Internal Employees Time By 80% When Creating B2B Webinars

Webinars take up a lot of time for businesses. From planning, recording, and producing webinars are one of the most challenging kinds of content businesses create. As important as they are, they are time-consuming for internal employees.


Over time, a brand’s team begins to dread creating webinars. However, there is a way to make the process smooth sailing.


Why Are Webinars Important?

Many B2B businesses produce webinars. Essentially, they are the best way to create a presence and show the audience what the business is all about. Here are some reasons why B2B businesses choose to make webinars:


  1. Controlled Content
    An advantage of webinars is that you can decide what to share. As a result, you have the upper hand on the webinar’s material, information, and direction. This allows businesses to share their vision and motto with an audience.
  2. It’s a Structured Video
    Webinars follow an organized structure. It’s a planned conversation backed by research; in short, it’s a crucial way to meet your demographic’s needs. You can share your vision with your audience in a series of five-minute clips.
  3. You Decide How To Conduct It
    Businesses decide what styles they like to use. So whether it’s a talking head, slides, demos, or interviews, webinars give businesses complete creative control of their content and its delivery.
  4. Utilize In-House Employees
    Webinars are a great way to utilize in-house talent. This is where Subject Matter Experts, CEOs, and other leaders have an opportunity to share their knowledge and introduce the business in a marketable manner.


What Are the Popular Kinds of Webinars?

There are two types of webinars B2B businesses mainly use. They serve their purpose, and both have their advantages.


The Classic Webinar

The classic webinar is a great way to enhance lead generation. They are loaded with knowledge and straightforward. This is an excellent way to conduct training and informative sessions.


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) often hesitate regarding webinars; they are not content creators. Another issue is that webinars require a lot of time, which is not a luxury in the B2B space; every minute is billable. Another challenge is that users are tired of webinars, meaning engagement rates can falter.


The Anti-Webinar

Quickly becoming a popular choice, the anti-webinar is a live panel discussion. Usually, Subject Matter Experts or professionals alike are interviewed on video. It’s engaging, informative, and beneficial for the business employees and the audience.

The anti-webinar is popular because consumers like people who know their niche. It creates trust, and as a result, engagement and conversion rates are high. However, it requires pre-planning to funnel information into a cohesive conversation.


How To Cut Internal Employees’ Time by 80% When Creating B2B Webinars

Creating webinars and anti-webinars is a commitment. It is time-consuming and requires collecting concrete information to share forward. However, since it’s a lucrative way to draw in an audience, here’s how to cut down internal employees’ time when creating B2B webinars.


Utilize the Strengths of Subject Matter Experts

SMEs are not creative content creators. Instead, they are experts in their niche and have a large volume of knowledge that benefits businesses and consumers.

Don’t pressure your SMEs to create webinars. Instead, extract information from their experiences and curate a webinar around that information. In addition, it’s helpful to ask for their feedback when making edits for a refined output.


Outsource Your Production Operations

You don’t need to tax your in-house team with extra work. Video editing, transcribing interviews and videos, editing content, and scriptwriting can be outsourced for efficient results and a better return on investment.

In essence, the cost of outsourcing and performing these tasks in-house is the same. The only difference is better quality from experts whose entire focus is the task at hand. Unfortunately, in-house employees usually do not have the luxury of time.


Hire Professionals To Make Presentations

Hiring professionals to create presentations is a bulletproof way to create an engaging webinar and cut down your internal employees’ time. There are individuals out there who are trained to create eye-catching presentations.

In short, you can hand over the rough content and share your branding requirements with the presentation expert. The result is a webinar that encourages high conversion.


Choose the Anti-Webinar Approach

A less scripted webinar is always a hit with the audience. A live interview is a great way to humanize your business for the audience and rank better on video platforms like YouTube. A natural panel discussion always does well with consumers.

Another benefit of the anti-webinar approach is that it saves time and keeps the pressure off your internal employees to orchestrate a structured webinar. In addition, it’s easy for SMEs and branding teams.


Choosing the Right People for Your Panel

Another way to reduce your internal employees’ time is to pick individuals who are comfortable doing ad-lib or sitting on a panel during a webinar. Unfortunately, many in-house employees may not be comfortable participating in a webinar.

This is a great way to gather a group of people who can keep each other in check and encourage a comfortable flow of discussion on the topic at hand.


Pick a Moderator

Webinars do require structure. It’s easy to go off-topic when you have a large panel. Instead of having in-house employees playing teleprompter and suggesting the next move, it’s a good idea to have a moderator.

A strong moderator can direct the conversation and keep the panel on its course. It’s a great way to save time and resources by 80% and get results quickly.



B2B businesses spend valuable time investing in their employees. Hence, it’s best to allow them to shine with what they’re good at. By making intelligent decisions, you will grow your brand image and have employees who optimize their strengths to further your business.

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