How Long Should A Video Be For The Highest Conversion?

Everyone wants content that results in the highest conversion. One of the best ways to do that is to include high-quality videos on your page. In short, you must include videos you want to boost your online recognition and gain credibility.

According to Forbes, adding videos to your content can:

  • Boost click-through rates by 300%
  • Increase conversion rates by 80%
  • Encourage 90% of consumers to make buying decisions

Intrigued? Great. Let’s discuss ways to create the best video content and the ideal length of your video for high conversion rates.


Common Mistakes When Making Videos

Video creators can make many mistakes that can deplete the conversion rates. Websites like YouTube won’t tell you your content is terrible. Instead, they’ll use a series of intricate metrics to limit how often your content shows up.

Some common mistakes even the best content creators can make are as follows:

  • A massively long video
  • Disorganized content
  • Boring material
  • Low-quality audio and video
  • Not curated well enough to attract the target audience

Ready to make some of the best, highly converting media for your page? Read on.


What Makes A Great Video?

It doesn’t take much to make a great video. All it needs is an organization, great brainstorming, and your focus. The best content comes from a place of knowing. The following checklist should facilitate that.


The Goal of Your Video

Ask yourself what the goal of your video is. Videos can be made for many reasons, some of which are highlighted below:

  1. Social Media
    These videos are usually short and made to grab an audience’s attention. Usually informal, light, and very animated, such videos aim to capture a user’s attention and spark their curiosity.
  2. Sales and Marketing
    These videos rely on some science and calculations. Usually spanning over a couple of minutes, these are great for outbound material, professional pages, and channels. In short, these videos are geared toward grabbing a customer’s attention.
  3. Training
    These videos are created for channels like YouTube or personal webpages, think webinars, and workshops. Longer than usual, much work goes into curating stimulating and engaging videos for training purposes.

Content of Your Video

Needless to say, whatever your goal is, your content needs to be engaging. A rule of thumb is to assess whether you or your team would rewatch the video; if the answer is “no,” then you must focus on creating quality content.


High conversion content is not just captivating; it is also:

  • Researched well
  • Organized to create a smooth transition
  • Inclusive of high-quality pictures, graphs and media alike
  • Geared toward the target audience
  • Piques the viewer’s and listener’s attention and desire to engage


In short, your video’s content should result from great brainstorming and investment.


A Well-Written Script

Once you have your content plan in place, creating a script for your video is ideal. The script helps structure the content and also provides a solid guideline for the clips you want to shoot for the video.

A well-written script will also help you meet your video goals; for example, you don’t want informal conversation when recording an HR training video. It helps your media to rank higher on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and even social media, like Facebook.


Quality of Your Video

Investing in good equipment is essential. The most vital components of videos are sound and video quality. Users quickly move on from poorly directed videos; hence, it’s a good idea to check out a rough cut to see how well the sound and lighting have fared.

Bad sound quality and improper lighting can ruin your video’s vibe and, as a result, turn away the audience from engaging with your media. The result? Very low ranking and conversion.


An Appealing Preview

Once your video is ready, go over your video goals and target audience. Next, select an appealing thumbnail and a few seconds of curiosity-inducing moments from your clip. Users like to see what they’re getting into, so ensure you’ve selected a solid thumbnail and preview.


Ideally, choose a very compelling portion. Not only will those 10 seconds encourage the audience to watch the whole video, but it will also make your video content worth sharing.


The Real Question: How Long Should Your Video Be for the Highest Conversion Rates?

Wondering how long your video should be? There is no correct answer to that. However, your video goals should guide you best. Usually, videos on an average look like this:

  • Social Media
    15 to 30 seconds of words, images, and small clips of people speaking.
  • Sales and Marketing
    2 to 3 minutes of high-quality pictures, clips of interviews, and branding information.
  • Training
    Ranging from 45 to 60 minutes, a high-conversion training video is a compilation of 5 to 10 minutes long clips.


The attention span of online users has changed over time. The theory of Cognitive Shifting suggests that humans think about different things after an average of eight minutes, hence the commercial breaks during those dreadfully long sitcoms and YouTube videos. However, when they come back, their interest is lessened.

Choosing the ideal video length will keep your audience engaged and encourage them to engage with your content repeatedly. Keep in mind your goal is to keep the user on your page, and if you won’t re-watch your own video, chances are the audience won’t get past the first few seconds, either.



The world wide web is changing, and so are user preferences. However, videos have withstood the test of time and, to date, are the most preferred form of media. Whether it’s to buy a product, get to know a business, or do research on how worthwhile an academic program is, users rely on video content to get their information.


The checklist above should guide you to create videos with high convertibility. The key is to organize the process from start to finish. As always, it’s crucial to remember that Content Is King in all things.