How To Gain Confidence When Recording A Business Video So Your Prospects Will Watch


Video content has taken the marketing world by a storm. More and more businesses are investing in this lucrative strategy for a good reason. Business rankings and conversions are higher than ever, thanks to video content.

However, making videos can become challenging, especially if you are camera-shy. In addition, if your video marketing strategy is dense, you may lose footing after a few recordings, and a few negative comments here and there could make you feel like you didn’t do well.

The thing is, it’s okay to make mistakes. Even professionals in Hollywood do that. However, maintaining confidence is vital to creating videos that attract an audience and bump your rankings.


Mistakes People Can Make When Recording a Video

There are a few mistakes video content creators can make that can affect their confidence. Of course, as a business, you must put your best face forward. That said, there are a few mistakes you want to stay away from.


  1. Overpreparing the Content
    This is a recipe for disaster. Overpreparing your content can put you under pressure; chances are, when the camera is on, you will choke. This does not look well to an audience.
  2. Too Many People at the Shoot
    The old saying “too many cooks spoil the broth” is true. A congested shoot location is not ideal for actors. The lesser people, the lesser the chaos, which means actors can work with minimal distractions.
  3. Overdoing or Underdoing Wardrobe
    Worrying about the fitting skirt, shoes, or jacket can exacerbate your anxiety. What truly matters is the topic at hand, not your wardrobe. However, that said, an audience likes to see you put in an effort, so don’t under-dress too much, either.
  4. Taking Too Many Takes
    Many video content creators can get stuck in a loop of re-doing takes. However, after the third re-do, it’s a diminishing curve. Chances are that the last take was better, and you’ll end up frustrated and underconfident.
  5. Not Investing in The Right Equipment
    Choosing complicated or inadequate equipment can be very problematic when the shoot begins. In addition, many video creators get stuck on the apparatus than on the scene, so it’s best not to test new stuff on the day of the recording.
  6. Worrying Too Much About Unnecessary Things
    Worrying too much about benign things like the type of chairs, the time of day and if there are enough props around can be quite flustering. So it’s best to take things easy to keep the pressure off.


Being Confident and Creating Videos Your Prospects Will Watch

Confidence speaks volumes to an audience, primarily through video content. So if you’re struggling with that, here are a few tips to help you come into your power and make videos the audience will love.


Dress Comfortably

Wear what you are the most comfortable in. Chances are, your body will feel relaxed, which means you’ll be able to sail smoothly through the shoot. This is not to say wear your favorite pajamas; instead, wear something you are comfortable conducting business in. It doesn’t have to be over the top; it has to be just right.


Research Your Topic Well

Another way to be confident at your shoot is to research your material well. When motivated about the topic, you won’t need to look at flashcards to get you going. Your ease with the material will show when the camera hits record, and that’s what confidence looks like.


Get Comfortable With Your Subject (For Interviews)

If you’re conducting an interview, hang out with your interview subject before the shoot begins. Getting to know the other person helps to break the ice. It’s also a great way to see how well your energy matches, which can aid the video-making process.


Limit People at the Shoot

Do not stuff your whole team in the shoot location. For example, one cameraperson is just enough if you have a DSLR, or if you’re using a smartphone, you don’t need anyone. Remember, many people in the room can get agitating, so limit the team on the ground.


Use a Recording Device You Are Most Comfortable With

Use technology you are most familiar with. Use the camera you have used multiple times before, your high-powered smartphone, or any other equipment you are familiar with. Experimenting with alien equipment on the day of the shoot can shake your confidence.


Limit it to Two or Three Takes

Don’t get stuck in the loop of taking too many takes. Chances are you’re already worried after the first mistake, and takes numbers two and three won’t be easy. So stick to the second or third take if you’ve made an error.


Choose a Comfortable Location

Choose a location you feel the most comfortable at. It could be a room or office you have used multiple times. Shooting at a familiar location always helps you remain confident; after all, you know the ins and outs of the physical space.


Believe in Yourself

Your business is doing great because of your hard work. So whether you’re an immigrant whose grammar isn’t perfect, or a professional exploring a new niche, believe in yourself. Remember why you did this in the first place.


Trust the Numbers

If you’re continually making videos, that’s because your audience is asking for more. Trust the numbers and take comfort that your content is received well by the target demographic. It’s a good idea to boost yourself with encouraging facts about your business.



Making videos for businesses is a gratifying process. However, it’s human to be underconfident when exploring new territory. In the case of business, it could be a new marketing strategy, product, or another take on your brand’s online presence.


However, remember that confidence and trust in your vision are your most valuable assets. Customers and prospects return to videos and channels where the content makes them feel empowered. So, keep up the good work and remain confident at the next shoot.