The Different Types of Business Videos You Can Create with Your Smartphone

Video content creators don’t always use expensive camera equipment to make great videos. Professional cameras have an enviable lens and pixel range, but they aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. So right off the bat, professional cameras are priced exorbitantly.

Luckily, technology is changing. Now, you can shoot videos using smartphones. Smartphone cameras have come a long way from the early 2000s. Currently, the new Apple and Android phones are boating powerful cameras bloggers have used to create high-quality content.


The Benefits of Using a Smartphone to Make Business Videos

Using smartphones in content creation is becoming very popular. Besides the price point, there are some other benefits to using them.


  1. They’re Portable
    Compared to heavy camera equipment, smartphones are comparatively very portable. You don’t need to lug around a suitcase full of camera equipment.
  2. Cheaper Accessories
    Smartphone accessories like detachable lenses, tripods, microphones, and lights are significantly cheaper to invest in. They’re also easy to carry around daily because of their dimensions.
  3. The Cameras Give Professional DSLRs Serious Competition
    Smartphone cameras are stellar when it comes to taking photos or recording videos. In fact, the quality and camera settings are serious competition to professional cameras.
  4. Quick to Work With
    Smartphones don’t require tricky software to make edits or transfer media. Instead, all you have to do is plug and play or edit media directly on your phone.
  5. Very User Friendly
    Unlike professional cameras, smartphones are effortless to use to record videos. In addition, accessing, extracting, and editing media on smartphones is more manageable than complicated computer programs.


The Different Types of Business Videos You Can Make With Your Smartphone

You can make innumerable videos with your smartphone camera. Businesses are now cutting costs by recording videos for their channels and smartphones. It saves time, and the result is beautiful high-quality videos.

Gone are the times when making video content for business reasons was a complicated feat. With great alternatives to DSLRs and expensive cameras, creating content for your business channels is much more efficient.

Are you wondering what business videos you can make with your smartphone? Check out the following popular styles:


A Spokesperson Video

Also known as the “talking head” video, spokesperson videos are a style where the speaker talks directly at the camera. Previously, a whole studio had to prepare for such a recording; teleprompters, lighting, camera placement, you name it.

Now, with a few clicks of the smartphone, adjusting lighting and capture modes, you can record a spokesperson video from wherever you are. The best part is that it’s super convenient, and you can focus on delivering your material to your audience.


Interview Video

Interviews can be recorded on smartphones, too. Prop up a tripod stand, place another smartphone to capture miscellaneous footage, and you’re ready. The subjects can either look at the camera or away; it depends on where you place the smartphone.

Smartphones can record high-quality videos with a simple button to pause and record. As a result, you get high-quality clips and the opportunity to take neat snapshots of your subject quickly.


A Demo Video

Many businesses make demo videos to ramp up their ratings. For example, companies that work with software find it lucrative to make demos for their prospective customers.

With a smartphone, demo videos are possible. You can integrate different clips into complete footage, add high-quality stills, and merge it all into a great piece of work. All with just one device and a fraction of the equipment.


Branding Videos

Many businesses make branding videos to introduce new aspects about themselves to their audience. Whether it’s a new project or an announcement, renting expensive shoot equipment for the day is no longer necessary.

All you need is your smartphone, a couple of clicks here and there to select the best mode of capture, and you’re good to go.


Training Videos

Corporates often focus on training videos as employees, and prospective applicants need to remain up to date. However, gone are the days when expensive camera setups were used; now, marketing teams suggest using a high-quality smartphone to record trainings.

Using inexpensive equipment and someone who knows how to direct a video, you can shoot powerful in-house training videos for your business page and channels.


Whiteboard Videos

Another kind of training video is a whiteboard video. In this video style, the subject is writing or drawing material on a plain surface. Smartphone cameras have high-powered lenses that can record high-quality videos of handwritten material.

In short, it’s possible for any businessperson who wants to share a quick idea on their social media or channels. All they have to do is hit record and start writing.



B-Rolls are additional video footage captures from secondary cameras. You don’t need to invest in an expensive DSLR to capture filler content. You can now use your smartphone to do that.

You can capture high-quality stills, short clips, a timelapse of the weather or sky, and other scenarios on your smartphone. They work just as well as content extracted from expensive cameras.


Social Videos

Businesses have grown their social media presence to become more relatable and connect with a larger audience. In short, businesses invest in their social media presence to improve their searchability and rankings.

Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram, with a few clicks of a button and the right location, you can record a great video for your social media channels using a simple device.



The world has become increasingly innovative. High-quality media is necessary to connect with the World Wide Web. You don’t need to bend backward anymore to make that happen. With the advancement of smartphone technology, you can hold that power in your hands.

Try your hand at a business video using a smartphone. All you need is good lighting, something to prop your phone against, and a fully charged device. Easy, simple, and convenient.