Executives around the world create video content almost every day.


Executives are expected to create all kinds of video content, from the short internal message to the one that is broadcast globally, right from their desks using no more than webcams, laptops, and smartphones. With some basic additional production gear, you can take your videos to the next level.




Having proper lighting to ensure your face is well lit, is a must for proper video communication. Check out these easy to set up and low-cost solutions to ad the perfect lighting to you videos:
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For the Desk –


Full Setup – Edge Lights: https://lumecube.com/products/glare-prevention-edge-light-2-pack

Travel light: https://lumecube.com/products/video-conference-lighting-kit-for-remote-workers

For Mobile:

This is a great combination of sounds and light kit, an all in one solution:

Mobile Creator Lighting & Audio Kit: https://lumecube.com/products/mobile-creator-lighting-audio-kit

Cordless 12” Ring Light Mini: https://lumecube.com/products/cordless-ring-light-mini


Having proper sound is crucial. If you can’t hear the person, then the message is gone. Sometimes you need that extra boost when the sound isn’t quite there. Here are great options that are plug and play to most desktops and smartphones today, to take the audio to the next level:

For the Desk

Rode NT-USB Mini USB Microphone: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1540109-REG/rode_nt_usb_mini_usb_microphone.html

For Mobile:

Rode VideoMic Me-L Directional Microphone for iOS Devices:


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