Video Production Checklist


o Video Kickoff call – book location/content call/recording day and gather brand guidelines/assets
o Content call (if next calls haven’t been booked, book them on this call)
o Scouting location/tech check (quick test, lots of natural light)

o Video capture – interview and B-roll
o Review raw footage and organize
o Send all assets to editor (footage/branding guidelines/keywording sheet)
o Know editor fees and ensure editor knows prices


o Editor combines video clips and cuts subpar content = rough cut
o Receive rough cut from editor via Dropbox (or equivalent)
o Upload rough cut to Vimeo (or equivalent)
o Plan your edits and start “Keywording” the video (making creative notes for editing)
o Send editing notes to editor
o 1st video feedback review call with team
o Send editing feedback notes to editor
o Receive V1 from editor
o Upload V1 to Vimeo (or equivalent), review it, and send it to the client for feedback
o If no edits are required, upload the video to REV for transcriptions and SRT files
o Move a copy of the final video to a company backup


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